African Beauty

You know the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”…well fashion isn’t determined by designers, its what you make of their garments…

I guess this stems from how people have always made jokes about how I’m one of those confused Africans. You see my mom is Xhosa, Sotho & Tsonga, well that’s what she’s always told me growing up simply because she was raised by a Xhosa mother that shipped her off  to her Xhosa sister in Johannesburg who was married to a Tsonga man and this is where she truly became the strong independent woman that I so dearly love. Truthfully speaking though, my mom is Sotho she just doesn’t really like admitting it because it reminds her of a father she never knew, a man that wasn’t man enough to stay. My grandmother eventually married a man that took good care of my mom even though she was shipped away, the only problem was he was also Sotho so you see there was no denying that Sotho side of her no matter how hard she tried, that Sotho side would always be lurking in the amazing sisters and brothers this man brought into my mothers life. Siblings that she truly loved and shared an amazing bond with till this day. I guess that’s why I just love my moms side of the family so much. There is so much authenticity to them. As chaotic and as hard life was and still is for them, there is just so much love to keep them going. This is what I love most about my mom-my loving and authentic mixed breed.

My dad on the other hard is 100% Venda, super cool and super stubborn. I love him to bits though! He’s always been there for me. He used to be about tough love and all but I think old age softened him up or maybe life did this. He’s also quite the charmer and extrovert. I think this is where I get my personality from – the extrovert part that is…

Anyway before I ramble on forever, you see its the mixture of these two beautiful souls that makes me who I am today- the “fake Venda”, “mixed breed” and “confused one ” that people have called me over the years. Its through this amazing cocktail from my parents and life experiences in my 25 years of existence that I have such a mixed sense of style. Some say I’m bohemian, some say  tailored smart when they see me at the kingdom hall or when I’m out doing field service, then they see me at home and head right back to bohemian. So I’ve opted to settle with bohemian- an eclectic mix of different styles with a laid back flare to it. With that said; Welcome to Bohemian Class, a blog that explores and unravels all aspects of Bohemian living… Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “African Beauty

  1. Your beauty and bohemian style is what you got from this mixed breed mom of yours who loves you so dearly,whom you bring joy and laughter to. In my family hugs and kisses is what keep us together,my uncle Khetmas was very fond of hugs & kisses and that is what my husband learnt from my family. I loved being Tsonga though people will tell me in my face that you do not look Tsonga.

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