For The Love Of The Kimono Look

Today I was reminded about how judgemental people can be about ones sense of style. 

If you’re not being criticised for following trends, then you’re criticised for not following enough trends or being too different or being too common or better yet not having a sense of style at all. There is just no winning, so why not put on that one accessory that makes you feel like nothing else or anyone else really matters but you and keep doing you boo! Someday they will all get it…

For me, the Kimono look does this effortlessly! #ModernBohemianClassApproved


That Chilled Out Work Look

There’s something about a new working environment & meeting new people that makes one feel like they are ready to take over the world again. It sure feels good having that feeling back! Its as if I’ve found my “purpose” in life again 🙂 Yes I’m back and feeling more inspired than ever!

Here’s to new beginnings and loving my new job and new style – That Chilled Out Work Look; Tailored yet relaxed. Here are a few ways on how to get the look.







Above look: Who knew that bootleg jeans could still look this hot


7Above Look: I love everything about this look.That pop of colour handbag is perfect!