Crush of The Week: Bazaar {Bohemian}

This will be a new feature on ModernBohemianClass. I’ll be profiling various individuals and blogs that I find interesting & inspiring as my “Crush of The Week”.  This week I’m “crushing” on Bazaar • {Bohemian} (, designed by Vanessa Wright. This lady is all things Bohemian. She lives and breathes the bohemian lifestyle in the most authentic & intriguing way! Vanessa Wright is also the founder of Project Tribe – A social movement or forum “where people express their uniqueness and sense of community in an agglomerate of tasks, all for a common goal: Care for one another”.

In Vanessa’s words, Bazaar • {Bohemian} •  is “A place where all of my passions, and creative ventures collide……A journey filled with kaleidoscopes of prints, patterns, and colors… While on this journey, I make sure to take each and every day…to honor the energies that created me…I truly understand my purpose in Life is to spread an excessive amount of #PositiveLoveEnergy in this world…The same passion I exude for inner inspiration…Is the same passion I exude for the external inspiration… I believe the clothing and accessories we adorn ourselves with should be a reflection of that same Spirit…” ( I absolutely adore and support her cause! #InspiredForDays

Here are a few looks from Bazaar • {Bohemian} •. Don’t forget to check out the site! #ModernBohemianClassApproved




Above Look: My Favorite!




Above Look: #PositiveLoveEnergy 🙂


Above Look: #PositiveLoveEnergy again 🙂



Yes I am officially obsessed with Bazaar • {Bohemian} • 🙂