Preppy Bohemian Upgrade: Onwards and Upwards

So 2014 is almost over. It has been a great year thus far. I’ve grown so much as a woman, wife, mother and daughter. I’ve learned a lot about myself and I’ve decided to take the bull by the horns. Its time for me to take my career to another level. Its time for a career upgrade.

I’ve noticed how flat lined my CV  currently looks and I’ve actually come a long way career wise. I’ve got enough years of experience to get out of the beginner stage of my career and into the experienced professional stage, Its been 3 years since I graduated and I’ve held down two Digital Campaign Manager jobs. Its time for an UPGRADE,a Boho career upgrade…Onwards and upwards I say.

I’ve got a couple of projects that need to come alive by the end of the year. So watch the space and here’s to gearing full steam ahead. The South African Digital Landscape has a few things branded Nakieneps style- All things modern bohemian style inspired and all things authentic coming its way!

What better way to jump start this, than a post on my future Upgraded Bohemian Career Wardrobe, lets do this! I hope this will inspire you to do some upgrading in your life, be it spiritual, career, emotional or anything else.

This is me signing out… #BohemianClass Approved!








Above Look: This is my favourite look