For The Love Of The Kimono Look

Today I was reminded about how judgemental people can be about ones sense of style. 

If you’re not being criticised for following trends, then you’re criticised for not following enough trends or being too different or being too common or better yet not having a sense of style at all. There is just no winning, so why not put on that one accessory that makes you feel like nothing else or anyone else really matters but you and keep doing you boo! Someday they will all get it…

For me, the Kimono look does this effortlessly! #ModernBohemianClassApproved


Crush of The Week: Bazaar {Bohemian}

This will be a new feature on ModernBohemianClass. I’ll be profiling various individuals and blogs that I find interesting & inspiring as my “Crush of The Week”.  This week I’m “crushing” on Bazaar • {Bohemian} (, designed by Vanessa Wright. This lady is all things Bohemian. She lives and breathes the bohemian lifestyle in the most authentic & intriguing way! Vanessa Wright is also the founder of Project Tribe – A social movement or forum “where people express their uniqueness and sense of community in an agglomerate of tasks, all for a common goal: Care for one another”.

In Vanessa’s words, Bazaar • {Bohemian} •  is “A place where all of my passions, and creative ventures collide……A journey filled with kaleidoscopes of prints, patterns, and colors… While on this journey, I make sure to take each and every day…to honor the energies that created me…I truly understand my purpose in Life is to spread an excessive amount of #PositiveLoveEnergy in this world…The same passion I exude for inner inspiration…Is the same passion I exude for the external inspiration… I believe the clothing and accessories we adorn ourselves with should be a reflection of that same Spirit…” ( I absolutely adore and support her cause! #InspiredForDays

Here are a few looks from Bazaar • {Bohemian} •. Don’t forget to check out the site! #ModernBohemianClassApproved




Above Look: My Favorite!




Above Look: #PositiveLoveEnergy 🙂


Above Look: #PositiveLoveEnergy again 🙂



Yes I am officially obsessed with Bazaar • {Bohemian} • 🙂