For the love of Family

Today’s post is very special & close to my heart.This post is unrelated to Bohemian style, however, it ties in with the authenticity and openness of Bohemianism & the Modern Bohemian Class.

I recently made an effort to spend time with my cousin’s and family. Coming from a big family like mine, you dont get to spend enough time with family or get to know them. Heck, you could end up dating or marrying your our cousin or half brother without knowing it. We actually have quite a few unknown siblings and cousin’s thanks to my grandfather who had 3 wives. Anyway back to the point at hand. Spending time with them made me realize how blessed we are to have each other. We share fun times, the most intimate and most painful moments with them and create memories to last a lifetime. We’re there for each other, when we actually dont expect this from each other. It also comes easily. We’re each others pillars of strength without even knowing it. Little did I know that my soul had secretly been yearning for this for quite a while now. I had the greatest time of my life this weekend! Conversations were flowing, drinks were flowing, food was flowing, laughter filled the room, love filled the room and most importantly bonds were formed and some strengthened & lastly the importance of family was reinforced. I ended off my weekend lying in bed on a Sunday evening with a soul that truly felt nourished and bustling with joy as I felt tears run down my face simply because I was happy, happy from the depths of me. I closed my eyes with a smile on my face, knowing that I was loved, not because all my cousins told me they loved me but because I truly felt their love this weekend.

Make time for family, from it comes a love so kind, gentle & nourishing. A love strong enough to save a life…

This post is dedicated to a dear cousin of mine that nearly lost her life recently, simply because she thought she was alone and that nothing was worth living for.

With family, you’re never alone and there is ALWAYS something to live for..

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